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Hey, what's up everyone! Welcome to the Ray Sobers Show! I'm genuinely glad that you're here! I'm a business and technology expert with a passion for helping others. I also make it a point to deliver joy daily. So, get ready to create some awesome memories as I engage you in thought provoking conversations and deliver useful information that will change your quality of life. It's time to create some more positive change in the world!

Weekly Challenge: Personal Development

Learn a new skill.

Learning a new skill improves your marketability. It also opens you up to an additional stream of income with the addition of expert marketing.

FUN FACT: It also improves your memory!


Business Consulting

Find a formula that works for growing your business. Start working smarter and realizing greater success!

Technology Consulting

Learn how to leverage the latest technology toward growing your business while adding systems security!

Career Coaching

Tap into your true success potential and gain clarity on which career paths feed your soul!

A Few Of My Talents...

Business Process Reengineering

Operational Efficiency

Systems Security

Career Coaching

Cloud Operations

Risk Assessment


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